All bookings include the following services and products: Consultation & Interview,
Live Performance, Recorded Custom Poem and Music, and Keepsake Poster and CD.

  1. CONSULTATION AND INTERVIEWS: The Heartspeaks experience begins by sharing those special little details about your first date, your favorite memories, treasured moments, and other information you would like incorporated into your custom poem. The poet uses this information along with your wedding website, engagement photos, the event’s venue, and other resources to help “place herself in your shoes” and begin writing an intimate experience through personalized poetry.
  2. LIVE PERFORMANCE: On the day of your event, your custom poem is performed live while soft, complimenting music plays gently in the background. The average performance is 3 minutes. Music is played through the sound system provided by the venue. Written in free-verse form, poems by our artists blend a specific activity of the event (such lighting a unity candle, or walking down the aisle) with an over-arching metaphor to describe special elements of your relationship. In other words, the poem discusses both your relationship AND a specific activity at the same time.
  3. RECORDINGS: Custom music is an essential part of the Heartspeaks experience. The poet and music producer work side-by-side to music that is specifically designed to accommodate the mood, cadence, and “flow” of the poem. This ultimately enhances the uniqueness of your event. Up to (2) rough drafts of the poem and music will be sent to you for review before your event.
  4. KEEPSAKE ITEMS: Our Heartspeaks Keepsake Poster and Audio CD are designed to help you remember your special moments as often as you desire. Keepsake Posters include your custom poem and colors/theme of your event, printed on 11″x17″, semi-gloss, card stock paper. Keepsake Audio CDs include a studio recorded version of your custom poem and music. All Keepsake items are automatically included in every booking with standard artwork. Custom artwork is available for an additional fee.